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Providing professional caravans, shipping, security, logistics, and much more since The 7th Astral Era

About Secret Star Services

Like it says on the tin, Secret Star is an Ul’dan based company that focuses on the transport of goods, delivery, and the occasional mercenary work across Eorzea, Illsabard, and Othard. Owner Saoirse Quincy’s goal is the continued upkeep of the logistics of the operation, allowing Secret Star to become a well trusted shipment company.

Their main post office is currently located in The Goblet, where people can walk in to drop off a package that needs delivered, sign contracts to deliver goods, and have people go down to the basement and relax at Quincy's Caravan Lounge or walk up to explore the airship museum.

Secret Star Services currently has four divisions:


The bulk of the work within Secret Star & its main source of income. The Caravans are the star of the show. This is typically the large-scale transport of goods (and sometimes passengers) by land or air, but usually land.

Who might be good for this division:

✢ Caravaners, of course!
✢ Artisans who can construct carts and wagons
✢ Businesses who contract out Secret Star to transport their goods
✢ Those that can work well in groups
✢ Those who are good with logistics


Just because post-moogles have the majority doesn’t mean you want them peaking in your packages! Couriers within Secret Star have the task of making small-scale transports of packages and letters. They also have the important task of building up Secret Star’s client base!

Who might be good for this division:

✢ Individuals who can defend themselves from bandits and other threats
✢ Those who are good at keeping track of their stuff
✢ Directionally savy individuals
✢ Those who are able to help build connections through socializing

Hired Muscle

Not all of those within Secret Star have years of experience in fights. This is where the Hired Muscle comes in! This division mostly works with The Caravans to help guard and scout, but they can also take on general mercenary jobs.

Who might be good for this division:

✢ Individuals who can defend themselves and others from bandits and other threats
✢ Mercenary & sellswords.
✢ Those experienced with Scouting and Stealth
✢ Seasoned Trackers & Those with great observational skills

Airship Crew & Maintenance

Secret Star has a very small fleet of airships that needs to be taken care of! People in this division are on call when air shipments are needed, and are typically people who also work in other divisions as well. Most of them also seem rather off….like they have a rough around the edges air about them…
(see The Secret for more details)

Who might be good for this division:

✢ Mechanics who have a good knowledge of airships
✢ Artisans that can improve the airship design
✢ Navigators
✢ Airship Pilots
✢ Workhands that don’t mind being so high up
✢ Seedy individuals…

Some people work in one division of Secret Star, some work in multiple! Think of these divisions as different aspects of the company, and not actual divisions.

Secret Star's Operations

What does Secret Star get up to, exactly? What can you look forward to when RPing with us?

Open-World RP

Caravan Runs

The bulk of Secret Star's operations are held under the open sky (as well as in it) , so expect to get out of towns and FC houses quite a bit!

Secret Star caravans can vary widely from as few as 2 or 3 draught chocobos, to over a dozen accompanied by wains (wagons) and even specialized conveyance such as cloudsbreath carts or armored coaches. The number of employees required to man caravans likewise varies.

However, regardless of size, every caravan needs four essential personnel roles:

✢ A caravan master (or coachman) to plan the route and call the shots
✢ Caravan hands (or porters) to load and unload cargo
✢ Caravan guards to protect cargo against theft and other threats
✢ Scouts to range ahead of the caravan, watching for danger and bad terrain

As a Secret Star employee, you will be given opportunities to assume these roles at various times and contribute to the experience of life on the caravan trail. Associates of Secret Star are welcome to ride with our caravans and RP with us as passengers as well!

We hold ad-hoc caravan sessions, each covering a single, self-contained run from one town to another (e.g. Horizon to Black Brush Station, or Moraby Drydocks to Wineport) with a small adventure cropping up on the road. These may be replaced with more story-driven field RP in the event of ongoing FC plots.

Tales from the Trail

In between caravan runs, courier work and all the other jobs Secret Star gets up to (both on- and off-camera), it's important to find time to cool your heels and catch up with the crew. And what better place to do that than the great watering holes of the Eorzean cityscapes?

Tales From the Trail is an ad-hoc get-together for Secret Star employees and associates, intended as semi-regular catch-up sessions where all are invited to share stories and discuss goings-on from the road. For exposure and the potential for entertaining walk-ups, these sessions are held not at the FC hall but in the various public taverns that already exist in-world - currently, our watering hole of choice is the Drowning Wench in Limsa Lominsa.

Community RP

Secret Star does not just RP within our own FC! Quincy's Caravan Lounge, downstairs in our Post Office, is open for a public Soiree once a month. All are welcome to sample some delights from the caravan trail and meet the crew and other Secret Star associates, in a laid-back social setting reminiscent of an Ul'dahn pit stop for caravanners and more.

FC Event Collaborations

Secret Star is always looking to network with other reputable FCs, and hopes to accomplish this through caravan, mercenary, and courier work. Where applicable, we look to supply manpower and attendance for events of various kinds, in order to explore connections and collaborative plotting on both IC and OOC levels.

This often means being invited to FC plots and events ran by other FCs! Our members are allowed to drop in and out of these events as they please, and work with other FCs to create a wonderful and compelling story.

The Everlast Accord

One of Secret Star's biggest collaborations is the coalition between several other Companies within Eorzea, creating The Everlast Accord. This is a Discord and Linkshell where Secret Star members are able to interact with many other people we are allied with. These events are 100% at the person's leisure. It is not required to be in Everlast Accord stuff to be a part of Secret Star.

"High Flying" RP

We did say Secret Star holds operations in the open sky, did we not? Behind the veneer of legitimate caravanning, we intend to organize and run events as a key part of an overarching FC plot, where your character's choices and actions create ripples that effect what happens next.

When not

Click the button below to see a record of our stories!

Stories of Secret Star

A record of past FC plots and other adventures Secret Star has gotten involved in, in chronological order.

This is not an In-Character record of events. New readers, please ask before taking any of this as IC knowledge.

More to Come Soon

Stories of Secret Star

"Blood Of The Jungle"

Episode 1: “Those Who Wander”
October 3, 2020

The caravan road is a dangerous road, and every so often a chocobo train never reaches its destination. Never a company to write off such losses lightly, Secret Star sent out a party to track down one such train, carrying valuable botany supplies, that vanished on the Wineport-Red Rooster Stead caravan route.

Accompanied by then-contractors Castle Stoneforge and Namida Wyrmsong, Cordelia Harper set out on an investigation in the lush maze of Raincatcher Gully. What the trio found was a plethora of increasingly disturbing clues: arrows in the undergrowth signifying a coordinated ambush, aetheric residue indicating a panicked flight to open ground… and there, the wreck of the missing convoy, along with five slain Secret Star caravanners and a dead pack chocobo, its back rent by claws larger than that of any known jungle creature.

Episode 2: “A Pirate Persuasion”
October 31, 2020

With the truth behind the missing caravan revealed, Secret Star closed its Wineport-Red Rooster Stead route and braced itself for armed reprisal against the unnaturally organized raiders lurking in the jungle. To obtain official sanction for such an operation on La Noscean soil, Saoirse Quincy led a company delegation to the Coral Tower in Limsa Lominsa - headquarters of the Yellowjackets.

There, they were received by Yellowjacket Singing Storm, who agreed to facilitate Secret Star’s request. The delegation made enough of an impression to secure not only the permission they sought, but also a supporting detachment of Maelstrom and Yellowjacket soldiers with Singing Storm as liaison - a victory they celebrated with a rare company dinner at the Bismarck before heading back to Thanalan.

Episode 3: “Those Who Whisper”
November 6, 2020

Following reports of skirmishes at Castrum Occidens, along with sightings of someone not in Garlean uniform accompanied by a Magitek Deathclaw warmachina, Secret Star returned to Eastern La Noscea. Leading the members of the original investigation team along with a new hire, Rowinna Steelheart, Saoirse Quincy approached the castrum to confirm the sightings.

Instead, they found themselves chasing down a Miqo’te escapee from the castrum, all the while fending off her Garlean pursuers with aid from Singing Storm’s Yellowjacket comrades. This woman turned out to be Cotu, a Secret Star caravanner declared missing along with the lost convoy. Terrified into compliance by the sight of Saoirse, she confessed that she knew the attackers of her convoy were “not ordinary bandits”; sensing something amiss, Cordelia Harper proposed holding her for questioning, along with a Garlean legionary captured in the fight.

Episode 4: “Forethought is Virtue”
November 14, 2020

Some ‘persuasion’ from Saoirse yielded the full story of what Secret Star was facing, from both Cotu and their Garlean captive. Cotu had sold out her own convoy to a group of bandits in exchange for a cut of the loot, only to discover she had bitten off far more than she could chew when the bandits’ leader revealed himself to be a Garlean soldier… and not just any legionary but a beastmaster, one Saltu pyr Rex, come from the Bozjan Southern Front to turn Raincatcher Gully into a recruiting ground for the IVth Imperial Legion.

An all-hands meeting was called to plan the company’s next big move. It was decided that a decoy caravan would be used to bait Rex’s bandits out of hiding, whereupon Maelstrom forces would engage them while a Secret Star posse homed in on Rex himself. Saoirse Quincy closed the meeting by putting the fate of Cotu and the Garlean prisoner to a vote, which ended with the group deciding to hand them over to the Limsan authorities to answer for their crimes.

Episode 5: “Blood of the Jungle”
November 20, 2020

Disguised as a coachman, Saoirse Quincy led the decoy caravan into Raincatcher Gully with Castle Stoneforge and Namida Wyrmsong on board, successfully luring out the bandits. As the Maelstrom joined the fray, and unexpected fire support arrived in the form of an airship flying the colors of the Crimson Falcons sky pirates, the three linked up with Cordelia Harper, Cernan Payne and Singing Storm before making a charge towards their quarry’s camp near Brayflox’s Longstop.

With both a tamed green dragon and a huge Magitek Deathclaw at his command, Saltu pyr Rex met the team in battle, unleashing on Cernan’s shield all the savage prowess of the IVth Legion’s beastmasters. The ensuing clash saw the dragon’s strafing attacks kept at bay by Namida’s thaumaturgical flames and the clawmachina disabled by Castle’s gunblade, while Saoirse, Cordelia and Storm harried their foe with red magic, carbine fire and arrows. At last, Cernan’s sword dealt Rex a grievous wound that convinced the Garlean the fight was lost; calling his pet wyrm to him, he took to the skies, leaving his bandit pawns to their fate.

With the beastmaster’s machinations thwarted, peace was restored to Raincatcher Gully and the caravan route between Wineport and Red Rooster Stead reopened. The Secret Star team was left to wonder at the sky pirates’ sudden appearance, and Cordelia to wonder if the clawmachina they destroyed could have been the legendary ‘Hellclaw’ that old caravan stories claim to have haunted Eastern La Noscea since the Calamity. None thought to wonder of Cotu, the Miqo’te traitor, who, despite the vote for Limsan justice, was set free - after having her tongue cut out by Saoirse in a sordid and unnoticed epilogue to the whole affair.

Stories of Secret Star

"From Ul'dah, With Love"

Prologue: “Walking in a Winter Wonderland / An Uneasy Eye”
January 8, 2021 / January 15, 2021

Just as Secret Star’s fortunes seemed in the ascendant with newfound prestige as a founding signatory of the Everlast Accord consortium, troubling reports of the company’s convoys across Eorzea being tailed by silent watchers began to arrive. This suspicious state of affairs escalated during a caravan escort from Falcon’s Nest to Tailfeather, when the guard team - comprising the veterans of the Raincatcher Gully incident along with new hires Vellace Deran and Gisela Thorne - had to stop the convoy mid-trip and deploy to warn off their unseen shadows.

The scene repeated itself a sennight later, during another caravan run through the Fringes to Rhalgr’s Reach. Their ranks bolstered by contractors Valiar Ashborn, K’ahliren Faethex and L’raha Kett, the Secret Star team gave chase this time and managed to get a good eyeful before their watchers retreated. Convinced that these were no ordinary raiders looking to prey on cargo, Saoirse Quincy’s right-hand man, Zorya Votyasch, proceeded to convene a meeting of employees and allies to plan a more direct response.

Episode 1: “A Looming Shadow”
January 23, 2021

Secret Star’s response took a two-pronged form. One team, comprising Vellace Deran, Cernan Payne, Rowinna Steelheart and allies Kale Tillerson and The Desert Dahlia from Aetherscale Enterprises, was dispatched to Central Thanalan to escort a convoy led by coachman Petra Ironfist. Halfway down the Black Brush Station-Scorpion Crossing route, the silent watchers struck at last: a group of four raiders, well-led and evidently aware that Saoirse would not be among their opponents. After a brief skirmish, all four were taken captive with only minor wounds.

Meanwhile, a second team comprising Cordelia Harper, Castle Stoneforge, Namida Wyrmsong, Gisela Thorne and new hire Wilthegard Lowell traveled to the Golden Bazaar in Eastern Thanalan on a rumor-hunting mission. Loosening lips with discretion, persuasion and a touch of Ala Mhigan intimidation, they learned from off-duty caravanners the name of their shadows’ employer: the Rising Sun Shipping Company, who had begun prosecuting a caravan war against Secret Star at the behest of a wealthy new client, Cinnabar Apothecaries of Ul’dah. Most interesting of all was the fact that this began around the time Secret Star rose into the public eye for its role in founding the Everlast Accord.

Upon linking up at Scorpion Crossing, both teams conceded that the fact that the raiders knew of Saoirse’s absence was a point of concern. Calling her linkpearl at once, Cordelia learned that she was at the Caravanserai, seat of power of Aetherscale Enterprises - recuperating from a poisoned wound dealt by an assassin’s blade.

Episode 2: “A Fork In the Road"
January 29, 2021

There were two companies that seemed involved in what happened to Saoirse and with the "caravan war", and thus, it was time to gather more information on the matter.

The First, Rising Sun Shipping Company. There were four captured prisoners. Saoirse divided people up between those four and got to work. Each group went in with their individual prisoner and in one way or another succeeded in getting them to talk: Some used violence, others used bribery or certain ways of talking to break them down and get them to talk.

In the end they found out quite a lot about Rising Sun Shipping Company. They found out that Rising Sun was in a financially rough spot, with not a lot of contracts and looking for work. Cinnabar has them wrapped around their finger for this reason, and it makes it hard for them to just walk away from something as jeapordizing as a caravan war. They also found out that the headquarters was in Vesper Bay, and it was owned by a Roegadyn named Keen Summer.


Then, there was the matter of Cinnabar Apothecaries.

Once again the group split up. Some went into the markets to talk to the merchants and traders. Others went to the Alchemist Guild to see what connections Wilmund Salter, the chairman of Cinnabar, had with the guild. Some went to the Ala Mhigan refugees, and the downtrodden of Ul'dah to see if anything was going on with them in relation to Cinnabar, some went to the nobles and other richer merchants to see what they had to say, and finally, some looked to Cassandra Porter, Public mistress of Lucas Rajan and Seer for Aetherscale Enterprises and sought answers from visions of the future.

What they found was that Wilmund Salter and Cinnabar Apothcaries truly are rotten to the core, even for monetarists.

Cinnabar Apothecaries was using Ala Mhigan and impoverished Ul’dahns as human experiments, using them to test out new medicines, poisons, and narcotics to send out amongst the poor populace of Thanalan and possibly beyond for a pretty penny. They aren’t even part of the Alchemists’s guild, having left after Wilmund took over, and Cinnabar sees The Alchemists’s guild as the biggest rival to compete against currently. There are also rumors that Cinnabar was stealing supplies from the competition as well, and is able to get away with it due to the strong backing of The Brass Blades and the Order of Nald’Thal.

As for Wilmund Salter himself: It seems that his father, whomst the public believed died of "natural causes", was murdered by Wilmund via a poisoning over time. The proof of this, alongside the very illegal narcotics, medicinals, plants, and practices were in his labs. The proof is more specifically in his office. He has a lover named Agnes Farrer of the Farrer Gemstone Co., who specialize in gemstones and minerals, who he is manipulating to accept what he has done to get where he is currently.

He also seems to have an obsession with "The Crimson Demon of Ul’dah", and the power that comes with taking them down.

With all this information in hand, it was time to go about the next step.

Episode 3: “A Keen Summer Vesper"
February 6, 2021

With the information they recieved from Hehemi and co. , Vellace, Namida, and Castle decide to pay Rising Sun Shipping Company a visit.

It was pretty smooth getting Keen Summer to make an apperance, and when they did, they made their plea to the woman: They had just "lost" their leader, and they find this farce of a caravan war to be rather taxing on both parties. Instead of fighting each other, it would be better to fight Cinnabar Apothecaries.

Keen Summer seemed unsure of it all as her company is in a bad spot and Wilmund has a thumb on her company financially. The two parties go back and forth, and ultimately Keen Summer is willing to think it over with the return of Hehemi.

After several days of waiting and Hehemi Hemi safely returned to Rising Sun, Secret Star gets a reply from Keen Summer stating that she would be willing to abandon Wilmund Salter's side and join Secret Star in taking Wilmund down!

Episode 4: “Sinking Our Teeth In"
February 13, 2021

With Keen Summer on the side of Secret Star, a plan was hatched.

Still pretending to be under Wilmund's thumb, Keen Summer "attacked" the post office under the guise of making Wilmund believe that Secret Star was occupied with defending their own Headquarters. In reality, a small group of employees were to break into Cinnabar Apothecaries' Headquarters while Wilmund was at a high society party with his lover Agnes Farrer to gain evidence of Cinnabar, and Wilmund's, dirty secrets.

But sometimes, things don't go exactly according to plan.

The group is able to easily enough break into Cinnabar. But when the group split up, with one staying up top in the offices while the other going below into the lab, things got out of hand. The top dealt with a mysterious assassin-type that had to be driven off, while those in the lab decided to choose violence and throw a flashbang in to maybe help free the prisoners, only to get wrecked by a Lalafell of the Order of Nald'Thal named Rororene Lolorene, who seemed to know an awful lot about Secret Star, and of Saoirse. It was thanks to the quick thinking of Castle Stoneforge that the group was able to escape, even if it make the break in seem more violent.
Wilmund Salter addressed journalists and the public after the explosive and violent break in into Cinnabar Apothecaries. He spoke of important medicines for impoverished children stolen, of how his company was there for Ul’dah and her people…and that through this attack at least seven men died horrible deaths.

"Let this be known, that with the scorch marks on the ground, the sword work, and the dead burned from the inside out, it is my understanding that this was the work of none other than the Crimson Demon of Ul’dah. And I promise you, we will find them..and we will strike them down."

Is he truly to be believed? Some did truly believe him: The Demon is a thief, a heritic of the city, a monster who steal from hardworking companies of Ul’dah for no reason other than they support the power of the coin.

Others were less convinced. Why would a Crimson Demon known for killing and silencing all who see them suddenly let one survivor live? Or for that matter, violently break into Cinnabar Apothecaries?

Regardless, sympathy for the alchemist had grown amongst the normal populace, while the reputation of the Crimson Demon grew in animosity.

Episode 5: “All Hands On Deck"
February 20, 2021

After being lectured by Saoirse on the violent break in at Cinnabar Apothecaries and the results of it, a plan was hatched by those in the room.

The first was to lure Agnes Farrer out using the Crimson Demon’s name to our advantage, writing a letter to the woman from the Demon. The second, to get someone to release the information of Wilmund Salter to the public without having it be traced back to Secret Star. Several options were weighted on who to give the information to, but ultimately the group left it open.

There was also talk about the Crimson Demon themselves, and the opinions of those in the room about the sky pirate. Most felt that it was not a good idea to associate with them, while one perhaps saw them more as a hero of the people. But is that what the Crimson Demon truly is? A hero?

Episode 6: “Blood Ink"
February 26, 2021

The plan was set into motion, and things fell into place quickly.

Saoirse, eager to find someone who would be willing to help get the word out about Wilmund's misdeeds, went to the only person she knew to have done it and done it well: Lucas Rajan, Chairman of Aetherscale Enterprises. After a good talk between the two he agreed on the stipulation that Saoirse would not tell anyone that he was involved with the matter. She agreed to that and agreed to owing him something in return for what he is doing, and thus he brought on a woman by the name of Dancing Moonlight to help with getting the word out.

Meanwhile, Agnes Farrer contacted Secret Star after the group sent her a letter that seemed from the Crimson Demon of Ul'dah. Castle, Namida, and Vellace met Agnes at the Sultana's Tree right off the way of Ul'dah. Although paired with two guards, Agnes seemed to only want to talk to the group.

She believed that The Crimson Demon of Ul'dah was going to target Wilmund, and she felt as if Secret Star had enough rep with the Demon to perhaps persuade them to look in the other direction, while she worked on getting Wilmund to see the error of his ways.

The trio disagreed that Agnes could even persuade Wilmund, and believed that he had gone too far and could not be pulled back from what he had done. They called her naive for the belief that Wilmund loved her enough to listen, and she would most likely die by his hand. Hurt, and insulted, Agnes mentioned that if that was the case, then the Crimson Demon of Ul'dah was just as terrible and unable to be redeemed, leaving the group alone without an avenue for a peaceful solution.

Episode 7: “Hold Thy Tongue"
March 6, 2021

After talks amongst those in Secret Star it was decided that Wilmund and Cinnabar Apothecaries has too much blood on their hands, too much darkness on their ledger to truly be allowed to live. As the rumors spread and the public turns on Cinnabar, they would focus their efforts on killing/getting arrested the upper eschelons of Cinnabar...and especially Wilmund.

It was then Keen Summer wrote to Secret Star in a bit of a panic. It seemed that Salter has discovered that Rising Sun and Secret Star are working together, and he was not happy about it, sending out the assassin that tried to murder Saoirse to "take care of them."

With the assassin and their lackies having reached Horizon and slowly making their way to Vesper Bay, Saoirse takes no time to gather Castle, Vellace, Gisela, Cernan, Rowinna, and Arslang to join her to deal with them.

When first spotted the assassin goes into hiding, and two Brass blades try to hold the group off, which they do for awhile except for Saoirse, who quickly is able to find the assassin's aether and launch herself at them.

While there was a third mercenary, a hyur mage, who tried to stop the chase, eventually Castle, Arslang, Saoirse, and Vellace were able to catch up to the assassin. Said assassin, revealed to be Cotu, the traitor that sold us out in the Gully, is able to point the gun at Vellace and attempt to shoot her before Saoirse is able to finish her off. In a quick fire decision, Saoirse takes the hit for Vellace before killing her ex-employee with a powerful surge of ice magic, and collapses soon after.

Besides Saoirse, no one sustained serious injury, but the two Brass Blades that were there both were killed needlessly.

At the end, Saoirse was taken to the infirmary at Secret Star, where Castle and Arslang tended to her radically unbalanced aether before handing her off to Ayame, the residential conjurer & doctor, while Vellace scolded Gisela and Rowinna for their needless murder.

After that, Cassandra came over the infirmary to help finish with healing Saoirse's wound, allowing the Viera to work but only from the comfort of the infirmary bed.

Episode 8: “Burying that Menace in Memory "
March 13, 2021

In the dead of night, after many, many suns preparing, Vellace Deran, Castle Stoneforge, Namida Wyrmsong, Cernan Payne, Gisela Thorne, and contractors Y’raemha "Chemera Tokha, Akahana Akaike, and Alewin Sinclair & River make their way to Wilmund Salter’s residence in the upper eschelons of Ul’dah, overlooking the city streets, thanks to the "birds" Saoirse had around Ul’dah got them there. Namida was able to put two guards to sleep, and with the help of River & Castle, Y’raemha was able to undo the lock without triggering any alarms. Vellace and Akahana equipped the linkshells from the guards, having a hold on communications inside.

Inside, the group found one elezen, whom the group quickly secured, but not before Castle and Aelwin stumbled into a flash ruin that blinded the group…and of course a talking door. A very friendly talking door! Castle and Claude seemed to hit it up, but Claude was not going to let the group in without a passcode, happily proclaiming that the group would freeze to death otherwise. Thanks to Gisela’s quick thinking, the group didn’t have to burn the door down, and with a heartfelt goodbye, Claude let them through.

However it wasn’t long before they found themselves fighting three guards. One who had gravely injured Gisela before being put to sleep with some ice injuries, while the other two landed minor blows to Akahana and Gisela before being put down themselves.

After getting Gisela somewhat stabilized the group walks into the room where Wilmund resided. In full armor and watching the stars that hung over Thanalan’s night, the man turned to the group disappointed. Disappointed that the Crimson Demon was not there herself, but instead sent a bunch of pawns. The group seemed not to care, and he called it pitiful that they didn’t even care what they were turned into, drinking an alchemical potion before pulling out a gun and rapier, keen on fighting them himself.

The group fights on, and it is quickly discovered that Wilmund seemed to be impenetrable by daggers and weapons. The group quickly adapt to this, and it is quickly discovered that Wilmund can be hurt by magic and Castle’s axe.

With that, the group executes a series of combo attacks, ending with Wilmund paralyzed as Castle approaches the man with unbridled fury in his eyes. As Castle lifted his axe up, Wilmund’s last words were: "Is this what justice looks like?" before the mighty Roegadyn, whose mind was finally clear, resolves to finish the job, killing Wilmund with a resounding CRACK reverberating throughout the residence.

With Wilmund slain, at last, the group is able to make their quick exit using ceruleum-powered chocobo carriages. WIth the Brass Blades unable to see them leave, they report to Saoirse the results and get healed back at the Post Office.

Conclusion: “Spoils of War"

With Wilmund Salter dead, and all of the upper echelon of Cinnabar Apothecaries killed or arrested, the public seems satisfied with the result! Although there has been speculation surrounding Wilmund’s death. With all the burns and ice magic used, was it the Crimson Demon of Ul’dah? Some say it is, but others believe that someone from the Order was paid to get rid of him.

Regardless, the fact remains that the talks of Secret Star’s people being out on long caravan excursions allowed Saoirse to keep Secret Star far away from Wilmund’s death. But Agnes Farrer is still somewhat of a problem that the group will have to deal with. Time can only tell what will happen on that front.

Meanwhile, Keen Summer and those of Rising Sun Shipping Company are freed from their contract and are free to do what they will. But due to Wilmund’s name dirtying their business, and the fact that they owed Saoirse for saving their lives from Cotu, the group ended becoming a subsidiary of Secret Star Services! Whether this will prove to be a boon or not remains to be seen.

Of course, at the end of the day…the war is over, the spoils had…and the wheels of the caravan carriages turn forever on, but towards bluer skies…for now, anyway.

Stories of Secret Star

"Call of The Void"

The Secret of
Secret Star Services

Beneath all the talk of caravans and shipments lies an untold truth amongst Secret Star’s employees: That Secret Star Services is a front.

Originally created after the occupation of Ala Mhigo by the Garlean Empire, The Crimson Falcons or The Falcons are a Sky Pirate crew lead by a ruthless captain, who was referred to as The Reaper and more recently, The Crimson Demon of Ul'dah.

Their goal? It started as an Anti-Garlean operation, attacking their airships and wrecking them, as well as an operation to deal with those who sully the reputation of sky pirates through human trafficking and selling weapons to Garlemald, but as of the 7th Umbral Era their primary goal has shifted to stealing from the rich and wealthy, targeting rich Ul’dahn merchants and the Syndicate in particular. They do however, still target Garleans and other nastier sky pirates.

You could equate The Crimson Falcons to being The Robin Hoods of the Sky, stealing from the rich to distribute the wealth among the less fortunate.

Those who become part of the The Crimson Falcons are made to work at Secret Star Services. Some as workhands on airships, others as hired muscle or even couriers and caravan workers. Those in the Airship crew answer only to Saoirse Quincy, the current captain.

However, not everyone at Secret Star Services knows the truth, and thus when working from day to day, those in the crew tend to keep quiet about the sky pirating going on behind the scenes. After all, they’ve done quite a good job staying elusive and keeping tales of their antics to little more than rumors, and would rather keep it that way.

Who would be a good fit for The Crimson Falcons:

✢ Navigators
✢ Airship Mechanics
✢ Airship Pilots
✢ Outcasts
✢ Refugees
✢ Those who have been wronged by Garleans or one of the city-states.
✢ Those who can keep a secret
✢ People who are willing to kill to achieve justice.
✢ Those who aren’t afraid of heights or flying
✢ Chirurgeons & Healers

Please keep in mind that if your character comes into Secret Star Services and is not part of The Crimson Falcons or are affiliated with Secret Star Services and don't know about the sky pirate operation, they may face moral dilemmas if your character’s RP leads to the discovery of this secret ICly.

OOC Information

Who We Are

Secret Star Services is a small 21+ LGBTQ+ friendly community of fairly chill roleplayers of various styles who want a place to have fun and hang out.

Our Roleplay mostly focuses on not only having RP within the FC as part of an overarching multi-part plot & story, but to coordinate with other affiliated FCs to bring about RP that goes beyond the scope of our small community, while still giving people that small FC feel.

How to Join

Membership into the FC is done through IC interaction. To do so, contact us at one of the avenues of communications through the "Contact Us" page and we can OOCly talk about you as a person, your character, what hooks interest you, what you’re looking for and set up some RP. Once it seems like OOCly your character is a good fit and ICly is employed by Secret Star, we’ll set you up with an invite into the FC, LS, & Discord.

You do not need to be a member of the FC in order to be a part of the Discord. If your character wishes to be affiliated or allied to Secret Star, or wants to contract Secret Star as a business, you are able to access the Discord. To do so, please contact us through one of the avenues listed in the "Contact Us" page. We’ll talk about you as a person, your character, what you’re looking for by being in the Discord, and set up some RP. Once we’ve established some IC connections, I’ll go ahead and send you the invite link to the Discord Server.

Most of our OOC communication is done through Discord and most of the RP is facilitated in game. However, sometimes we might use the Discord on occasion for small unnoteworthy scenes.


Secret Star Services' roleplay supports themes of ethics, political intrigue, relationships, high drama and more. However, please keep ERP off the stage; that's something that happens between two consenting adults, and not in view of the FC.

While the Crimson Falcons are sky pirates, they have a code of conduct and company morals which are along the lines of: stealing for the good of others & taking down those who abuse their power and money to hurt others who can’t defend themselves. They stand opposed to human trafficking, the Garlean Empire, fueling Wars for money, and sexually criminal acts. Characters whose morals and goals are contrary to the Crimson Falcon’s code will not be a good fit. The crew doesn't go on vigilante hunts for these characters (unless they are sky pirates themselves), but they certainly don’t work with them.

Please note that at the time of writing, Secret Star is a relatively small and growing FC with members across multiple time zones. We seek stable, committed members who will stick around for the long haul and play an active part in our ongoing development. If you desire an FC with a large roster and activity at all hours, or intend to join on an alt that you do not dedicate much playtime to, this is not the FC for you.

For more information please contact Crystia#0809 on Discord!

Contact Us

If you're interested in having your character work, be associated with, or hire Secret Star Services, please feel free to contact us at:

Discord: Crystia#0809

From there we can discuss what you're looking for as well as arrange an In character meeting!